We’re hiring

We’re hiring a team for a new project within Trinity Mirror. You’ll be helping launch a new mobile first, topical, factual data-driven site, with the aim of making great data journalism and great data visualisations that people want to share on the social web. With an exclusively digital focus, the site will be publishing charts, graphs, facts, figures and producing infographics to explore both the day’s news agenda and a range of topics that people care passionately about.

The project will be based in Trinity Mirror’s London office in Canary Wharf. Initially the site will be operating office hours Monday to Friday, but there will be some shift work to accommodate coverage of special events, and you’ll be expected to cover some morning and evening publishing. Posts will initially be offered on the basis of a three month pilot period.

We are looking for:

Data journalist. You’ll love statistics, data and spreadsheets. You’ll have an eye for not just the story that a set of data can tell, but the angle that will make that story something people want to share. You won’t be interested in writing 500 words when a chart or a graph can tell the story much more effectively. As soon as a big story breaks, you’ll know where to find the data to help the audience understand it, and how to present it.

Data journalism researcher. This is a brilliant entry level opportunity for someone interested in digital data journalism. You’ll probably have some journalistic background or training, and a keen interest in news, current affairs and politics. You’ll be numerate, meticulous, and comfortable with using web publishing tools.

Front-end developer. You’ll be mobile first and responsive by default. You’ll love frameworks and templates that help you turn around topical HTML5 interactives rapidly in response to breaking news and stories. You’ll also be interested in building longer in-depth set-piece interactives that will impress the rest of the web and showcase your cross-platform skills.

Designer. You’ll be passionate about story-telling through the power of graphics and design. You’ll be keen on working in a fast-paced environment and thrive on quickly turning around graphical elements for topical coverage. You’ll be interested in politics and current affairs, enjoy the chance to pitch stories and ideas to the team, and you won’t be the kind of person who designs something beautiful and intricate on a massive glossy Mac monitor, and then looks at it on a phone and realises it cannot be read.

Just as we did with UsVsTh3m, we move fast. We aim to be live and publishing before Christmas. Send your application to Martin Belam at jobs@emblem-digital.com, with some URLs you’ve worked on, a brief CV, and an explanation of why you want to do it and what you can bring to the party. We like multi-skilled people. If you are a designer who can code or a programmer who likes doing journalism, you’re our type of person. And we’re way more interested in evidence that you can work making great socially shareable content on the web than in what your GCSE grades were.

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